Brown To Earth

We all know that fashion is cyclic in nature, so it makes sense to see the revival of 90s trends like flares and tube tops, and the revival of 00s brands like Hello Kitty and Bratz. But it’s safe to say brown has always been thought of as possibly the most boring colour to wear… but not anymore! So how are people making this colour work for them?

 Simplicity is the key word this fall. Whites, blacks, greys and other shades of brown all mixed together make some perfect combinations. Brown plaid coats, tonal skirts with dark turtlenecks and knee high boots are possibly the most popular clothing items on the market right now.

Brown is the new ‘It’ girl colour. Brown is the new pink. For the past few months, brown skirts, dresses and coats have swarmed every fashionista’s wardrobe and by the looks of things, this colour is here to stay.

So, get yourself down the high street and get your hands on this Winter’s most desirable clothing colour. It looks like brown is here to stay!

Amy Dulwich