Carbon’s edit of the best inclusive fashion brands you can buy online

A sneak peak at the Savage X Fenty show.

Have you ever had trouble relating to fashion brands, their products and the models that wear the clothes? We bet you’ve had. Society put pressure on us and the way we look a long time ago. Most adverts, posts on social media, catwalk promote a very unhealthy lifestyle and make us think that we must have “the perfect measurements” (90-60-90) to be liked and worthy.
However, there are some brands, that have different, correct values and want to change society’s perception of beauty. They help us see that beauty has no size and you don’t have to be size 0 to feel like a model and be one.

Savage x Fenty

The first brand we think about, when we hear about inclusivity, has to be Savage x Fenty. All of us remember Fenty’s last year show, that moved everyone watching, even those, who still support the stereotypes. There were women of colour, with disabilities, part of LGBTQ+ community, women of all sizes. It was all about diversity. You could feel that the lingerie was not made to fulfil men’s idea for sexy, but to make women take control of their own bodies and wear whatever they feel like wearing. “I’m looking for unique characteristics in people that aren’t usually highlighted in the world of fashion as it pertains to lingerie and sexy, or what society sees as sexy,” Rihanna said herself. The runway made people feel emotional, sympathetic, proud and support the brand on and off social media till this day. Pure history!  

A sneak peak at the Savage X Fenty show.

ASOS Curve

Not that long ago the plus-sized women were forced to hide in oversized, baggy clothes and be ashamed of their figures. Now more and more brands realise that it is important to be diverse. Inclusive sizing is becoming less of a trend and more of necessity for every fashion brand, that wants to be successful and accepted. ASOS was one of our favourite online stores before, because they offered lots of quality products on reasonable prices, but now that they have a “Curve” section, we love them even more. Even better – they don’t sell just the basics, that don’t intrigue anyone, in bigger sizes, but they offer lots of trendy and unique pieces to help you create your own style. You can find literally everything on there and choose from hundreds of designs. From loungewear to cocktail dresses – they have it all on the best price possible!

Alpine Butterfly

If you are a plus-sized queen, who is looking for a quality set of bikini, Alpine Butterfly is the right place for you. The online brand offers unique and sexy swimwear for sizes XS – 6X! Yes, they might be on the pricier side, but the quality and the customer service you get is like no other. You can choose from lots of sets, bodysuits and cover-ups and get a free shipping in the end, which is always a plus. The best part is that they promote body positivity and self-love with the models they use and all of the photos on their Instagram feed. Even if you are not looking for a bikini right now, they would be a great addition to the accounts you follow. 


Have you seen those cute little puffy dresses in pastel colours on your Instagram feed? They are some of the beautiful pieces Selkie’s store has – a diverse brand, that offers range of comfortable, luxury, trendy clothing for sizes XXS-5L. All of their collections tell a story and are made to show women, that they have to be there for each other, no matter their size, colour, sexuality. The founder of the brand, Kimberly Gordon, literally put everything we want to say in 2 sentences:  “I’ve always been so inspired by the magic of women coming together to support each other. Encouraging each other’s careers, passions and inspirations, dressing up together, borrowing clothes, cooking dinners, talking feminism, books, politics, lovers, adversity…our lives in each other’s arms…wonderful women from unique backgrounds… is there anything more powerful?” Aren’t clothes made exactly for that – to make us feel powerful? 

There you have it, guys – some of the best inclusive brands to choose from for your next online purchase. Even though the fashion industry is growing and adapting every day, we should not forget, that we, the customers, are those, who dictate the market. Be proud of you body, create and defend your personal style. Beauty has no sizes.

Written by Anna-Maria Kancheva