Celebrity Staples You Need In Your Wardrobe This Autumn

We all know celebrities influence our everyday lives, and they also influence our fashion. With the colder months coming, you need warmth to your wardrobe but also good style. Here is some celebrity staples for you to add to you clothing collection.

  1. Leather trousers

Leather trousers are perfect for autumn as they can be dressed up for a fancier occasion with a blouse, or dressed down for everyday wear. A regular wearer of leather trousers are the Kardashian family, specifically Kendall Jenner.

2. Cardigans

Cardigans have always been a big part of autumn wardrobes because they are so versatile. However instead of the typical neutral autumn colours, why not go for a more colourful approach inspired by Harry Styles’ chunky knit cardigan.

3. Flares

Flared trousers made an impact in 2020, and the trend is still continuing. This autumn has seen Kaia Gerber sporting flares paired with a leather blazer (another autumn staple). Flares are an amazing way to update your wardrobe as they can come in so many different patterns and colours, so you can make you outfit completely personal to you.

4. Oversized knits

Bella Hadid in undoubtedly a fashion icon, so it’s no surprise that images emerging of her in an oversized knitted vest with leather trousers are a must have for your autumn wardrobe. Not only does this outfit look effortlessly cool, it also provides comfort and warmth for colder days.

5. Chunky Boots

Finally, chunky boots should be a staple in everyone’s collection. They can tie in perfectly with any outfit, not just for the autumn months. Most celebrities have a pair, as seen on Hailey Bieber.

By Emma Foakes