Coachella 2022 Weekend 1 Looks Recap

After the 2 year long break due to the pandemic, Coachella weekend 1 started off with a bang with many big pop stars performing at the music festival in California. Cult favourites such as Megan Thee Stallion, Doja Cat, The Weeknd, Harry Styles and many more gave a hell of a performance at this year’s Coachella weekend 1. So many things happened on the first day in fact; like Niki being the first Indonesian female artist at Coachella, Harry Styles performing a One Direction song, Justin Bieber joining Daniel Caesar for a surprise “Peaches” performance and Big Sean bringing out Jhene Aiko Not only is there anticipation for the music stars who’ll be performing there but there is burning excitement for which celebrities and influencers will be showing up and showing out with their looks! Here we’ll take a dive in who turned up last weekend, who changed the game and who really SERVED with their looks. 

But first and foremost, for the girlies who are out of the loop and don’t get the hype….What IS Coachella?

Coachella is a music and arts festival held at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California, in the Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert. The festival showcases popular and established musical artists as well as emerging artists and reunited groups. It is a 2 weekend event with the span of 3 days for 2 weeks. To no surprise, It is one of the largest, most famous, and most profitable music festivals in the United States and the world. Coachella has no real dress code, shows lots of skin and has fun is all really there is to it. However, there is always a big vibe of boho 70s wild west going on. Either way the point of Coachella is really for the music and the fun of it all. That is, unless you’re an influencer of course, they take showing out with looks very seriously. It was discovered from social media personalities Rickey Thomspon and Denzel Dion that they planned their Coachella looks 5 months prior! These high profile gals do NOT come to play with Coachella, they serve looks after looks and head back home after their weekend serve.

Now that you fully understand the point of Coachella, Let’s get into some noteworthy weekend 1 looks!

First and foremost we have the 2 hot girls who were part of the line up this year being Megan Thee Stallion and Doja Cat. Megan looked amazing for her first Coachella in this cute pastel cartoon-printed dress and a matching patel pink Chanel purse to go with it. If there’s one thing we know about Miss Megan, it’s that her hair will ALWAYS match her outfit. Her pastel pink hair with the pastel blue root is just chef’s kiss and really ties the look together. And then we had Miss Doja Cat in this sexy, dark Ottolinger outfit. The black eccentric leather top paired with the matching dark sunset-ombre trousers was indeed a move. The bright red sunnies balance the look out so well matching with the burgundy-brown lower part of the trousers. The hair and makeup done by with the overall look being perfect for Coachella but still

@jstayready_ and @ernestocasillas on Instagram, slayed remaining on brand for Doja Cat. This whole look was so amazing, a big props goes to stylist @brettalannelson.

Next we had Sydney Sweeney in a lovely pink moment here. The outfit was simple yet sweet and stayed very much within the safe zone and theme of Coachella fashion. She’s wearing all Kim Shui and looks so pretty, wild and free in her look, which is the perfect capture for Coachella.

The proclaimed queen of Coachella herself had to make a comeback this year and it is no other than Vanessa Hudgens. Styled by @haasofstyle on Instagram, she wore a beautiful all hot pink ensemble with Jacquie Aiche body chains and jewellery to go with it. The outfit was simple and cute with her long shawl blowing beautifully in the wing in several of her Instagram photos. She really showed out per usual.

@vanessahudgens on Instagram
@vanessahudgens on Instagram

Hailey Baldwin and Kendall Jenner come up next with their game changing looks. The model-duo came shockingly very chill and ultra casual this year being caught wearing tank tops and casual trousers throughout the weekend. Fans called it ‘game changing’ and they didn’t make themselves seem underdressed but others overdressed to the festival. They are really the IT girls if you tell me.

Moving onto social media personnel and influencers, we can’t talk about game changing this weekend without mentioning Emma Chamberlain. Her day 3 look really changed the game and made people realise that less can be more at Coachella for once. Fans called it a ‘cultural reset’ and ‘comfychella’ because of Miss Chamberlain. And honestly? We have to agree. Walking around for hours in a hot AF desert in the literal most and tallest platform heels isn’t really giving what it used to give. Fashion critics that come out of their caves for Coachella are now including comfortability in their rankings. Going back to her Day 1 and 2 looks, they were absolutely everything. Especially day 2, the all red outfit with the Lapiin Lapiin custom top, the Vivienne Westwood skirt paired with the red Jeffrey Campbell boots was really a serve. We also can’t forget the cute red diesel bag she was carrying. This whole look was bleeding style.

Another amazing red look we got from weekend 1 of Coachella was from Nailea Devora. She came in a stunning red two-piece and paired it with a furry head and wrist pieces. The red look was also complimented with gold body chains and black ankle strap Naked Wolfe heels. Miss Nailea looked drop dead gorgeous in her day 1 outfit, red is DEFINITELY her colour. Wouldn’t you agree?

@naileadevora on Instagram

Those 5 months gave GOOD results as we see with Rickey Thompson and Denzel Dion. Rickey’s look for day 1 absolutely slayed no question. The look gave eccentric festival fashion and we’re here for it. For Denzel’s day 2 look, he was dressed in Noid, his own brand topped off with a vintage black Balenciaga purse and black shades. This look was laid back, but very much a cool fashionista. We expect nothing less from Mr Dion honestly.

Next up we had Bretman Rock in this sickening Ottolinger bright neon green set with a matching hoodie. His Instagram caption proved correct, you really can’t miss this neon green moment. His stylist @brainmeller on Instagram, paired this two-piece set with a neon green Coperni purse and white Eytys trainers. This look was giving what needed to be given and was very Coachella-esque.

Can’t forget about James right? 👀 James Charles day 2 look reigned supreme out of all his other looks last weekend as it was very more casual and very Coachella themed. He is dressed in an sage green Ottolinger ensemble with matching sage green sunnies. He looks sweet and fresh and very muted in a good way for the festival.

Next in line is Bella Poarch! She looked amazing on day 2 of weekend 1 for Coachella in an Auné two-piece and chunky black military books. She was dressed very much in her element – the cute spy girl aesthetic but also ready to take on the hardships of the walking and heat of Coachella. Her hair also looks lovely with the 2 very long pigtail braids making a statement of their own.

Last on the list we had Brad Mondo. He wasn’t here to criticise bleach hair fails but instead serve looks at the music festival. His day 1 look came with a bang and remained his best look of the weekend. He wore a sexy white cut out bodysuit vest by the brand Leak with Balenciaga shades and baggy grey jeans. It gave Coachella, it gave eccentric and most importantly it gave him, love the look!

And there we have it!  A short and sweet round up + recap of some of our favourites looks from weekend 1! We hope to see some of the same faces again this weekend and new faces with more amazing looks!

Written by Sonia Osuji