Craft meets Couture

As Instagram reaches an all-time high of over 1 billion devoted users, it has become not only a pivotal platform for Influencers, but also a fresh and exciting resource for consumers. We are spoilt for choice with new fashion and lifestyle inspo to get our creative juices flowing. Wholesome projects that start at home on a smaller scale can quickly become a major craze if discovered by and circulated in the careful hands of the most relevant of Instagrammers.

@kati.puzyreva – custom 101 Dalmatian jacket to bring out your inner Cruella

We’ve discovered firm faves on the ‘gram with uniquely designed denim after Bella Hadid uploaded her bespoke 60’s inspired jeans, hand-painted by LA based designer Juliet Johnstone. This single upload saw JJ propelled in to the limelight overnight and going on to dress other celebs such as Dua Lipa and Kendall Jenner.

Bella Hadid wears custom @JulietJohnstone

Handmade one-offs sold directly to the customer are becoming the must have “It” items and aspiring artists are being encouraged to attempt their own individually crafted pieces. As Individuals, are we not compelled to steer away from following the crowds and instead favouring one-off pieces that nobody else has? After all, we upcycle the wardrobe when its starting to look shabby, so why not its contents?

Anything goes with this trend, its fun and uplifting and encourages us to make the best of items we already own. So, time to get creative! Go forth, raid the art store and paint those plain tired jeans or a pair of your Mum’s shoes…. you know you want to; who doesn’t love a project?

Essex based @sammybeecustoms – find another pair of VANS like these! #bottom