Crocs have become more popular in 2022. Most children years ago have grown up with crocs and why not when they are older have a newer, more stylist pair. Crocs appeared in 2001. They were founded by Lyndon Hanson and George Boedecker Jr. The first model of crocs ‘Beach’ was unveiled in 2001 in Florida at the Fort Lauderdale boat show. There were 200 pairs of these shoes made which all got sold. Crocs have sold over 300 million pairs of shoes. There are 28 colours of crocs which gives the customer and wide range to choose from. The most popular colour would be black as there are lot of wild and outstanding colours which make black a safe option for people who prefer not to stand out in a crowd. People of do like to stand out from a crowd may wear pink or green. Colours that make your outfit unique. Crocs have exactly 13 holes in the shoe. This helps the shoe ventilate the feet. The holes are also there for the customer to decorate them to how they like with charms. This can help with creativity in children as they can put a charm which is special to them in any hole as well as adults there are loads of different charms for everyone to choose from. Jibbitz come in multiply different sizes and designs. From food, makeup, letters, characters, animals and many more. There are tons of jibbitz you can buy off multiply websites. Cheaper ones can be bought of eBay or Amazon, but the quality might not be as good as more durable expensive ones. The shoes are fashionable which makes them popular for the customer as they are fun shoes they can personalise. There are different types of crocs. Clogs, sandals, fuzz, boots, flipflops and sliders. Most crocs are vegan which makes the shoes targeted to everyone. The fuzz collection includes woolly liners which for the winter range. Crocs are easy to style. The colours black and white are the simplest colours to style clothes as the colours go with mostly every outfit. Slim-cut pants showcase the shape of the shoes. Anything baggy like baggy jeans or flares take away from the look of the crocs and hides them. Lounge wear like joggers and leggings go well with crocs as well as matching sets and hoodies. Skinny outfits which show off your silhouette create the perfect outfit paired with the shoes. 

Crocs are very good for your feet. Why is this? Crocs have been specifically designed to eliminate plantar pain and achy feet. The shoe gives you inner support, heel cups, messaging heel nubs and arch support. They shoes are good for heel support. The shoe is popular for the comfort they bring when wearing them. Crocs are made out of a foam resin called ethylene-vinyl acetate. This material is good as its sustainable which means it won’t brake easily and will last a while without buying loads of pairs after them breaking after a short while. They are waterproof as well so days at the beach are perfect as they ventilate your feet on the hot sand and if dirty, they can be easily washed down like nothing was there in the first place. If the wearer doesn’t enjoy going into the sea without shoes on. Crocs are great for the water plus if they slip of your feet, they will rise to the surface of the water making it easy to retrieve if lost. Crocs are not cheap shoes; they range to around £30-£45 depending on what size you get. They are this price because of the material being high-quality which means they are durable and last longing which people look for in a shoe. If customers wore the crocs everyday doing normal day to day activities, the shoes will typically last between 3 and 5 years due to the feet growing people are okay with this happening especially for children as they are still growing. With less frequent wear (around in the garden and small walks) and having proper care of the shoes allows the shoe to last up to 10 years. In some cases if just worn round the house the shoes could last for even longer. Crocs can shrink from exposure to extreme heat so leaving them in the car in summer which exposes them to direct sunlight should be avoided. The shrinking may be noticed if left within an hour. It all depends on how hot and the amount of direct sunlight.

Crocs have grown with popularity after celebrities making a collab with them. Justin Bieber and his Drew House fashion label made his first collab with crocs which included the brands classic clog style in yellow hue which is Drew Houses signature colour. The style came with eight jibbitz which included, Drew House smiley face logo, rainbows, daisies and pizza slices. They got sold out within two hours of release in the U.S. The second collab, they brought out a lilac coloured classic clog. It came with cartoon-like jibbitz and a pair of gym socks branded by Drew house. Post Malone has done 5 collaborations with crocs. His latest collab he did was in December. He did a pink and black version of the Crocs Duet Clog ll. The shoes came with jibbitz inspired by Malones personal tattoos which include images of grapes, hears and rubber ducks. His other collaborations included, devil-motif pattern, a yellow clog with barbed wire around the shoe, rainforest inspired clog and black/blue camouflage pattern. The shoes at retail are $60 but can be sold after for hundreds. Bad Bunny made a collab producing a pair of celestial-themed, glow in the dark crocs clogs. The predominant colour of the shoes is white which came with planet and star jibbitz. Crocs teamed up with Balenciaga and Christopher Kane (luxury brand and designer) to create runway worthy pieces for celebrities and models to wear down the red carpet. Nicki Minaj used Chanel jewels to bedazzle her personal pink crocs.

By Tierney Rocks