Diana’s Rebellious Style Comeback

Diana, known as the ‘people’s princess’ was known and loved for challenging royal protocol. In the past two years, getting close to the 25th anniversary of her death, the love for her generosity and sense of style has made a comeback.

Princess Diana has been a fashion icon since the 70s and always will be. Recently, with the influence of documentaries and ‘The Crown’, some of her iconic looks have made a reappearance on the high street. By breaking royal fashion protocol, Diana’s looks have become adored and recreated by todays daring generation. Her style was significant for promoting her legacy.

The appeal for her wardrobe recently focuses in on the chic biker shorts and jumper look. Whether this is because it represented the Princess as the approachable girl next door or simply because it’s comfortable, the look became way ahead of its time. When shopping online or in-store it is impossible not to come across a pair of cycling shorts, they have never been more now.

Diana has not only bossed dressing down, but dressing up too. The revenge dress is recklessly elegant and certainly holds some responsibility for current trends including off-the shoulder styling and silk materials. The confidence she wore that night effortlessly empowers admirers recreating this little black dress moment.

For anyone wanting to follow current fashion trends, influencers and styles that doesn’t follow the rules, Princess Diana is your girl.

If she has taught our society anything, it’s to not hesitate breaking rules.

By Sofia wells

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