diesel bag

Diesel is back baby, and they’re bringing all of the IT girl vibes for 2022. We are very aware you might’ve (definitely) been scrolling through your feed and seen the infamous Diesel ‘1DR’ bag creeping into the posts of all of your favourite influencers this summer, well here is all you need to know, to be in the know, about the hottest summer accessory.

Glenn Martens (creative director of the brand) is the man responsible for the Diesel 1DR bag. The brand is known for their recognisable key identifying traits, and Martens made sure to keep the staples there of a classic Diesel bag, whilst adding his own colourful, youthful and gender fluid touch (which it turns out he is pretty know for!). Speaking to Vogue recently, he told “The 1DR bag is straight-forward, easy, sexy, genderless and fun – which, ultimately, are exactly Diesel’s key values”. We’ve seen designer summer bags coming and going across the past few years, with the dreamy, brightly-coloured Prada bags being last years star of the show, but this year it’s Diesels turn, and this  bag is pretty big with the celebs, as well as your fave influencers! Julia Fox , Megan Thee Stallion and Stassie Baby are among just a few of the internet titans, taking on this bag under their wing (quite literally!) we are so here for this accessory inspo from our faves!

The bag is “affordable” as designer bags go; with some styles coming in at a range of prices from £200 onwards and are availible from Diesel directly, or the appropriate high end retailers. After exiting this tab, I think we ALL know where your going to go, treat yourself, you deserve it. And if anyone asks about your bag, send them our way!

By Ellie Atherley