Dolce & Gabbana Mixes With Metaverse!

With Milan fashion week passing, we have a look into the most impressive artistry that Dolce and Gabbana have produced with a collection devoted to the futuristic metaverse using beautiful fabrics and silouettes to structure the original work.

To create a futuristic thematic theme, D&G used a virtual world of neon skyscrapers, graffiti backdrops with a use of cyber avatars. 

“The metaverse is for a different generation, but we are curious about it. You have to try and understand what is new” – Gabbana

With the dress codes of virtual reality already creeping into the fashion world, catsuits and gamer skins seemed to be blending into one.

D&G still kept their signature trade in their designs of provocative and sex appeal style, some of our favourite looks under this category include;

D&G worked this angle into their collection with avatar styling with such glossy looks that look almost perfectly photoshopped. The tailoring had superheroine inspired proportions, inverted triangle silhouettes with bold focused shoulders there in techy synthetic fabrics. Mixed with Giant faux furs and cartoon graphics from Gianpiero D’Alessandro amped up a cartoonish element to this work.

The emphasis on shapes here were a world away from the dressmaking that have driven Dolce & Gabbana’s mega-success. They show their astounding work both in the metaverse and real life.

Whats your favourite piece in the collection?

Abby Prowse