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Why Don C and his brand Just Don are set to take over this summer

The American designer known as “Don C” is one of the biggest creatives currently in the streetwear industry, and 2020 is the year in which he is going to reach new heights. Don Crawley, which is his real name, was born in Chicago, Illinois and worked his way up the music business industry, becoming a manager for Kanye West well over a decade ago. He worked alongside with Kanye for many years, providing management at his label G.O.O.D. Music.

Don C (left) and Kanye West (right). Image from Pinterest

Don C decided to venture fully in to the fashion industry in 2011, where he founded his brand ‘Just Don’. Having been a fan of streetwear and sports clothing through being in the hip-hop music industry for many years, Don C wanted to try something new, and so he decided to create his own luxury brand and get more in to the fashion business industry. Don C doesn’t only just have his brand, he also opened up a high-class fashion boutique and art gallery in Chicago, Illinois (where he is from) named RSVP Gallery, with his good from Virgil Abloh, who is currently artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s menswear collection.

Don C (left) and Virgil Abloh (right). Image from Instagram

 Don C and Just Don’s specialities are caps, which is what set his brand off in to stardom, as celebrities such as Rihanna and Jay-Z have been seen wearing his reinvented baseball caps. Their caps feature a signature strap and brim made from python skin, making them a unique style of cap from other major competitors. Just Don’s caps are a sign of luxury, especially as their leather material is always made from the highest quality, also including genuine lambskin.

Kanye West (left), Rihanna (centre) and Jay-Z (right) all wearing a Just Don baseball cap

Just Don collaborated with the Nike Jordan brand in 2017, with every single item from the collection selling out instantly due to how anticipated the collaboration was. This included Air Jordan 2’s in a “beach” and “arctic orange” colourway for kids and adults, as well as University of North Carolina basketball shorts, priced at a whopping $250. This shows that the intent to buy from Just Don is there from the streetwear community, especially when it is a major collaboration with another brand. Just Don’s clothing items usually feature American sports team’s logos such as from the NBA (National Basketball Association) and the NHL (National Hockey League). Sports and its overall culture play a massive role in Just Don’s designs, especially as Don C is a big sports fan himself.  

Air Jordan 2 Retro Just Don “Beach” trainer. Image from Just Don’s official site

Just Don’s Spring/Summer 2020 collection is their biggest and most ambitious yet, with Don C going for the approach of “designing for fictional sports leagues”. Bold patterns and stunning colour-blocking styles are clear for this season, attracting customers who aren’t afraid to try something a bit more “out there” in comparison to other streetwear brands. Another collaboration but this time with Levi’s, where Don C put his own spin on the iconic 501 jean and switched up the all-star trucker denim jacket. All items sold out instantly, exactly just like the collaboration with Jordan beforehand. With Don C and Just Don’s successes with major brand collaborations, the brand seems like it’s on the way to the very top.

NBA Levi’s All Star Trucker by Just Don. Image from Just Don’s official site

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Written by Matthew Nicoll for #TheStreetScene