Dr. Martens x Raf Simons – old boot, new style

The Belgian designer puts his own spin on the iconic 1460 boot by Dr. Martens

Releasing today, on the 22nd February, the iconic 1460 boot by Dr. Martens is getting an upgrade, with the highly anticipated release in collaboration with Raf Simons. With the price still to be confirmed until the day of release, fans of the classic boot can head over to the Dr. Martens official online store, where they are exclusively sold.

Still sticking to the original design with some added extras, this new collaboration features nickel rings across the entire boot, with this also being carried over in to several of Raf Simons’ latest designs. There is also the iconic Dr. Martens logo stamped just above the Raf Simons logo on the side of the boot, so that people are sure to know that this isn’t just the original 1460 boot. Looking back at the London club scene in order to create this collaboration, Raf Simons has looked in to the history of the punk scene within the country for inspiration. The additional rings added to the boot also allow users to customise the product by adding extras in order to personalise them, ranging from strings to charms – anything your heart desires!

The Dr. Martens x Raf Simons 1460 boot

Raf Simons is a world-famous fashion designer from Belgium, who came in to the spotlight in 2012 when he was announced as Christian Door’s creative director, and then in 2016 for his work with Calvin Klein, bringing both fashion houses back to the luxury status that they used to be known for. Also having his own label under his own name, Simons is famously known for his collaborations with other fashion brands, including Fred Perry, Adidas’ Stan Smith, Eastpak and many more. His collaboration with Dr. Martens is just another one to add to his list of ever-growing collaborators.

As this collaboration is part of Dr. Marten’s 1460 boot 60th anniversary celebration, this release is just one of the 12 collaborations that are set to drop this calendar year. With the boot named after its original release date, 01.04.60, the legendary boot has cemented its place in fashion history. The first set of boots released as part of this celebratory year was a collaboration with popular streetwear brand A Bathing Ape, with the boot taking more of a Japanese-inspired aesthetic which the collaborating company are widely known for. The camo print across the face of the boot makes the consumer stand out from the crowd, with the famous BAPE star, as a leather piece, stamped on top to add an extra sense of exclusivity.

The Dr. Martens x BAPE 1460 boot

The second set of boots released as part of this celebratory year was a collaboration with CBGB, a New York City music club which was mainly famous in the 70s as it was the hub for many ‘punk rock’ and ‘new wave’ bands, such as Blondie and Television. It was the place for ‘misfits’ to hang out and express themselves, and with punk fans also having a strong interest in Dr. Martens when both were at their peak in the 80s, it’s the perfect collaboration for old-school Dr. Martens fans. With rent going up in the 90s, the club found it hard to establish itself in the ever-growing modern world, and so Dr. Martens decided to keep its spirit living on through a pair of 1460 boots.

The Dr. Martens x CBGB 1460 boot

From the 2000’s, when Dr. Martens almost filed for bankruptcy, the company have come such a long way in re-establishing themselves at the top of the footwear and fashion industry. With their latest release of collaborations being an instant success, and many others still yet to be released within the forthcoming months, fans of the iconic 1460 boot have a lot more to look forward to.

Written by Matthew Nicoll