Earth to Jena

‘Intensity by Jena Frumes’ is the latest collection launched by esteemed activewear brand Bo + Tee. The collection is sticking to the acid wash trend while mixing it with earthy colours and tones, and each piece is seamless like the rest of Bo + Tee’s pieces.

One thing we love about this collection is that the brand has marketed the sports bras and tops in this collection as suitable for girls with bigger bra sizes. Most of Bo + Tee’s previous collections have only had tiny, low support sports bras, so it’s great to see them branching out to a wider range of body types. Perhaps we can look forward to a larger range of sizes from the brand? And a wider range of models?

So, who is Jena Frumes? She is an extremely successful model with other 4.6 million followers on Instagram alone. Having had a baby relatively recently, she is using her platform to inspire others to focus their time on keeping fit and healthy, both mentally and physically. 

With “Be kind or be quiet” in her Instagram bio, Jena is all about kindness and self-love – so we can see why Bo & Tee would want to collaborate with her!

What is your favourite piece from the collection? Let us know.

By Amy Dulwich