Eazy in heels?

In case you haven`t heard about him, G-Eazy is an American rapper who gave us quite a few iconic songs. Between 2014-16 he started gaining huge popularity worldwide because he released two albums (These Things Happen, When it`s Dark Out) that were incredibly successful.

 Just remember when everybody was lip-syncing to Me, Myself & I on musically or when there was not one day in 2017 they didn`t play Him & I and No Limit in the radio.

If you go through his albums and listen to more of his songs, you can hear that he`s one of those artists who has never been afraid to be vulnerable, honest, and open minded.

He dresses in the `less is more` mentality, his minimalist but rebellious looks definitely became the part of the iconic G-Eazy image.

For one of his recent shows in Colorado in the spirit of Halloween he dressed up as Cruella. He wore multiple outfits including a skirt, beautiful blazers, a shirt dress, a maxi coat with Dalmatian pattern on it, and platform boots. He was also wearing full face of make up and a black and white wig of course.

This was the first time he was seen feminine wearing clothes and platform boots and a lot of people went crazy for it, mostly in a good way. There are lots of supportive comments from fans, friends and colleagues about the show and the outfits itself.

He made a statement with these outfits that screams he`s comfortable and there`s no toxic masculinity on his side. Gotta love it!

Written by Alexandra Toth.

Featured image credit: @gnodsgn on Instagram.