‘Euphoria’ influencing our fashion trends!

After a two-plus-year hiatus, HBO’s teen drama is back — and leaning into its over-the-top impulses with plenty of sex, drugs, violence, and big feelings to go around

By Maddi Reynolds

When Euphoria premiered in 2019, Sam Levinson’s dark portrait of teenagers shocked audiences. The HBO drama toxically cool material made it very controversial. Levinson’s no hold back approach to drugs, sex, and violence, paired with Euphoria’s viral costume and makeup aesthetic, although this spiralled into a-lot of watchers feeling like it glorified dangerous behavior for teens. Fans argued it was precisely that rebelliousness that made Euphoria what it is!

As season 1 launched, we saw outfits that highly influence trend falls today…

Cut-out flares went viral! Fashion icon ‘Maddy’ rocked these at the carnival and soon after, these trousers were seen all over instagram, tiktok and were sold out.

Even though the HBO drama is set in the present, the cast are relished in nostalgic garments… Not forgetting the makeup! Viral trends of dark eye makeup, gems, body glitter, slicked back hair went everywhere. TikTok trends and videos are emerging with ‘Euphoria High’ whereas the high school actually has a name of ‘East Highland High’. Many are creating videos where they would put together outfits of what they would wear to ‘Euphoria High’.

Against the dark plots exploring pedophilia, domestic abuse, teenage drug-dealing and violence, the costumes mirror each character’s progression. And this season, the colour palettes overall got darker as each character grew up. Bivens says that staying consistent with the timeline and characters’ styles was a priority — and a challenge. She continued to mix thrifted pieces with designer clothes and further evolved dress codes for each personality. But while last season Bivens was concerned with the idea that “most young people in high school don’t have a ton of money to spend on clothes,” this time around, she was less realistic about the budget.