Everything you need to know about New Talent Fashion and their sustainability meets fast fashion panel

What is New Talent Fashion?

Are you someone who takes pride in your creativity and are looking to get your talents noticed within the fashion industry? If yes, then look no further as New Talent Fashion can provide you with the opportunity to put your work out there. New Talent Fashion is a creative platform designed to showcase and empower new and upcoming talent. They recognise the most creative abilities and enable people to excel and push boundaries within the competitive fashion industry. 

New Talent Fashion’s platform allows creatives to display their work in the portfolio section and view articles all for free! New Talent Fashion offer a monthly subscription with a discount for students, where you can attend exclusive events, masterclasses, receive freelance guides and networking opportunities. As well as this, they have an advertisement space called the gallery where for a small monthly fee they can feature your brand, which is perfect if you’re trying to get your brand noticed within the industry. So, if you’re someone who wants to show off your work within a fashion related field, then New Talent Fashion might be the platform for you!

Image from newtalentfashion.co.uk

What is the sustainability meets fast fashion panel?

The sustainability meets fast fashion panel is a digital event taking place on the 18th March where industry experts from New Look, Universities and more share their valuable insights on conflicting fast fashion and sustainability. New Talent Fashion have recently begun a sustainable Sunday’s series on their Instagram where they bring light to the importance of the subject through fascinating and entertaining posts. The digital event supports their new sustainable Sunday’s series and will give those who attend the opportunity to learn more about environmental neglect due to fast fashion. If this is of interest to you, then be sure to enter our giveaway over on the ‘carbononcampus’ Instagram page to win tickets for this incredible event!

Image by New Talent Fashion

Written by Zoe Whyte