Everything you need to know for when the charity shops reopen!

The 12th of April is on the horizon which means shopping. Charity shopping and thrifting is super easy and fun, keep reading to find out how to make it the best experience!

Fashion and expressing myself through the clothes I wear is very important to me so one thing that I have missed more than anything this past lockdown is shopping. I am the biggest believer in retail therapy, personally the whole experience of shopping and finding joy in new outfits is better than going on a night out. I express myself through fashion and the outfits I wear, so not being able to do so for the past couple months has got me down. However, the 12th of April, the most exciting date, is a few weeks away and charity shops are going to reopen. I am a very sustainable shopper and do not buy into fast fashion, I get all of my clothes second-hand, either through charity shops, or apps such as depop or from local clothes swaps. Thrifting is super easy and has so many benefits, that feeling you experience when shopping does not have to stop because you are choosing to do it sustainable, if anything it increases it!

It can be hard to get into charity shopping or looking on Depop for clothes as you are not always going to find what you want, but when you switch the narrative in your head from finding new items and think of how to upcycle or restyle old garments it actually makes shopping much more exciting. When I first started charity shopping it would nine times out often end in huge failure, this is because where I live. I come from the Isle of Wight where a town centre is almost non-existent, meaning a total of around three charity shops in the main town. This meant that I did end up giving in and shopping online as it was more convenient than me rummaging through rails and rails of clothes that were just not me. So my biggest tip for thrifting is to go somewhere that has a good reputation and loads of different charity shops. For example, in Southampton the best places to go when charity shopping is Shirley Highstreet and Portswood. By having lots of different shops gives you a lot more opportunity to find something you will like and will avoid disappointment. Also going somewhere new is a totally different exciting experience, especially because we haven’t been able to do so in so long!

Commitment and dedication when thrift shopping is another top tip of mine, like I previously said it can be frustrating when you can not find anything you like, so go in with an open mind. Something that I like to do is find the colours that look good on me and search for colour schemes rather than styles of clothing, this way I always find something that I like. It depends on the shop but when I first go in I tend to head straight to the men’s section and grab a few oversized t-shirts. Oversized t-shirts will always be a must have item and you can get them on the £1 sale rail! 

When looking on Depop an easy way to get started is to search up influencers that you follow that have a groovy style you aspire to have, or even just your friends that have funky outfits. By following them and looking at their profile you can find a section that shows the garments that they have liked, this is so helpful when you don’t want to spend hours searching online, you can find nice outfits or garments that you know will be the style you want. 

Thrift shopping has so many benefits, from actually leaving the house and experiencing shopping again to being sustainable and helping the world combat the harsh reality of fast fashion. So, get out there on the 12th of April and rummage through the rails of the charity shops and find those bargains! Check out our TikTok and Instagram Reel to see my favourite outfits that I have thrifted! 

Written by Anna Baker