Evolving Fashion


The fashion world is fast paced, often producing trends that are only around for short periods of time. They sometimes do make returns; being brought back in different forms to what they have been previously. This fools consumers into thinking they haven’t seen these trends before, when in fact, its not a “new” trend at all.

A recent example of this is ‘holographic’ which is a trend that reached its peak between 2014-2016, making an appearance on every piece of fashion imaginable. Now, this trend has evolved into something way more subtle – ‘pearlescent’. Less bright and shiny but still with the same rainbow of colours when caught in the right light. Pearlescent is shown to be more of a casual and cosy trend being made from soft materials and paired with simple clothing pieces. It contrasts highly with holographic which was much more of a statement piece that was made to stand out within a crowd.

2020 is going to be a time for fashion to evolve in a lot of ways. Subtle changes from consumer taste and old trends being reinvented will bring a whole new version of the fashion world.