Fanning the Flames of Fire-hose Fashion!

In the age of increasing growth on sustainability, repurposing and recycling fashion has never been so popular. Whether that is buying items second hand or re-using fabrics and materials to upgrade your wardrobe, this trend is becoming more popular by the second. 

With so many ways and ideas to stand out within this idea of upcycling fabrics and materials, it can all start to feel a bit unoriginal and similar. However, after researching into a few brands and small business, we’ve found some ideas that we think are creative and delve further into the possibilities of repurposing than we ever thought before!

One outstanding brand we found was Elvis and Kresse who focus largely on re-using raw materials to transform them into luxury accessories, and graciously give 50% of the profits back to charity. The main material they recycle is old firehose that creates a strong rubber feel used most efficiently as bags and purses.

They come in all different sizes and colourations with different patterns and embellishment creating a completely original collection. They also re use the material to make items such as wristbands and belts, they even go so far to make fire-hose cufflinks.

Along with Elvis and Kresse there are many much smaller businesses that also tackle the challenge of sustainability when making their own collections. For example, an Esty business artist makes his profit from selling recycled cutlery such as forks to make bracelets and rings. Not only are these items professionally made, but they are intricately designed also.

With so many new budding artists especially in the sustainability area, we can’t wait to see what the next obscure repurposed collections will be!

Abby Prowse