Fashion that will transport you straight to Paris

Everyone knows the Parisians know exactly how to dress, style and design fashion. From the dreamy views and cute cafes to the timeless vintage films we all dream to be in. Paris has it all, and i’m here to show you the fashion statements that will transport you to directly to “La Ville Lumière”.

Paris, the place known for dictating the rules of fashion and beauty throughout the ages. Producing some of the top fashion designers of all time. A few such as, the one and only Coco Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, Balmain and many more top prime designers. 

With that being said, Paris is where everyone looks to for all things fashion and I’m here to show you the top “in” looks this season and how to replicate them, on a budget. I’ll have you feeling like Emily in Paris in no time.

Now let’s start with the basics. When in Paris, you’ll see a red dress or yellow top, but never plaid on plaid or a full pink look. During the day, you can’t go wrong with stylish jeans, nice sun dresses and classic jackets. French women love a blazer day or night. Same with a button down shirt, pretty and simple blouses and cozy, chic jumpers. From these “rules”, I have come up with the perfect stylish fits that will make you feel like you have been transported straight to the Fashion capital itself.

This look is smart casual with a very elegant feel to it. Perfect for a trip down the street of Triangle d’Or and glancing in the shop windows. This would have you turning heads quicker than you can say “Ou Lala”.

This next look is extremely budget friendly and looks so classy. Who said you can’t feel like a Parisian fashion icon on a budget?

I’ve substituted the cotton shirt for a silk one to add more of a statement to the look. The silk will enhance your figure and is so soft to wear. You could wear this for a nice walk down the streets of France or sipping coffee at a vintage Parisian cafe.

This screams Emily in Paris. The Blazer is such a statement in Paris, paired with the Beret and the iconic black and white print would have you looking like a Parisian in no time.

The final look I am showing you is a personal favourite and is perfect for those hot summers days, and walks in the sun.

Nudes, Nudes, Nudes. Who doesn’t love a Nude look? Especially in Paris. This outfit will have you feeling like your grazing the fields of a Parisian garden with the warmth of the beaming sun on you. The snakeskin belt ties this look together by adding a pattern statement to the look.