Floral design Day

A look back at all the best floral fashion designs for Fall/Winter 2020 on the catwalks, a floral designer mixture of colours, patterns and textures coming right up.


FALL/WINTER 2020 — Look 28 and Look 31,

Both of these pieces are unique, decorated with subtle, soft and neutral colours blending in with each other. The floral design works perfectly in both of these outfits, abstract floral designs have become a big and popular trend, the more abstract the more funky and fresh the design becomes. Both the Male and Female models look brilliant in the abstract floral form making a statement.


FALL/WINTER 2020 — Look 40

A Monochrome vibe and twist to the floral design, once again the piece slightly abstracted, yet visible as a floral pattern. This piece is more serious, daring and rather elegant. Much different to the rather bold and bright floral designs that we see often. The embroidery on the pattern makes the whole piece stand out and add to the overall affect on the dress and floral design.


FALL/WINTER 2020 — Look 11

This floral piece by Adam Lippes, simple clear and muted colours, to enhance the design the collared neck and longer flowy sleeves add to the overall effect, elongating the design across the entire dress. This floral design is elegant, effective and definitely a statement, the flowers not abstract this time but very clear making the floral design powerful and visible to the audience.


FALL/WINTER 2020 — Look 3

Floral minimalist design, the main focus is the bright, bold colours in contrast with the black dress and shoes of the model. Colours such as red, green and yellow working well with the black, giving a more fun and futuristic vibe to the design. The floral pattern focused on the centre of the dress, giving it a minimalistic floral vibe, yet still powerful and bright enough to make a bold statement piece.


FALL/WINTER 2020 — Look 20

Another abstract colour piece, eye catching and limited with the colour selection yet bold and powerful at the same time. The jacket, lovely shades and blends of green’s along with the grey/white floral print over the top. The colours themselves are eye catching working well with the abstraction of the floral design on top, creating a contrast between the dark green colours and the white/grey tones overlaying.