Has Billie Eilish changed her Style?

Over the years, Billies style has been a breath of fresh air within the music industry, creating her own individual style that is known significantly as her own. However, over the last two years, Billie has been changing up her style from her previously famously known tracksuits and baggy clothing to a tighter fitting and provocative style. To match her changing style and growing popularity, Billie has recently been involved in growing her career by being announced as the youngest performer to ever play at Glastonbury for the upcoming festival in 2022.

For example, her recent styling at the Met Gala was far from some of her previous outfits of choosing. In the past, her outfits were her own personal style with bold aspects that cover her body fully. Some of our favourite Billie outfits from this phase of her styling include those from both red carpets and on stage performing.

Billie sticks to her Bright neon green colouring that stands out boldly on stage which also matches her iconic bright neon green roots fading into her black shoulder length hair. We believe this is Billies iconic phase of style, sticking out from many of the music industry.

Her most recent appearance at the met gala shows Billie in a tight-fitting bodice dress empowering her look as Marilyn Monroe, followed by her after party dress with a high slit up the leg showing a sneak peak at her new thigh tattoo.

What era of Billie is your favourite?

Abby Prowse