How fashion brands are bringing social change to our wardrobe

Believe it or not fashion brands play a huge role in how we see the world. They influence our politics, social life, perception of ourself and others. That’s why it is important to look up the brands you are choosing to buy from and support the those, that have good intentions. Sadly, not all are thinking about the mark they leave in our mind, but most of them do everything with thought. Here are some of the fashion brands, that bring a social change to our wardrobe.

The brand is created back in 2016 by Miles Dunphy and Elsa Ellies, who wanted to do things differently. They decided to help the environment by being sustainable, but also be suitable for everyone by being gender-neutral. A specific thing about the brand is that it offers clothes created from one piece of fabric, which minimize the waste drastically.
That’s not all. Miles and Elsa also created a program, which trains young creatives with disabilities. All of that aims to leave a positive mark not only on the fashion industry, but in our society.

Gypsy Sport
Even though the brand made its first political statement a long time ago, it made a lot of people think about what is going on in the world. Back in 2017 the designer of Gypsy Sport, Rio Uribe, gave a passionate speech before his fall/winter show.
“I wanted to talk to you guys a little bit about my show,” he said from a mic backstage. “The fall/winter ’17 collection was inspired honestly by people who live on the street and just don’t have much fashion in their life or any of the luxuries that we take for granted. … I don’t want anyone who is gay, or Muslim, or disabled, or mentally ill, or a veteran, or a drug addict, or a runaway to have to live on the street just because someone’s not willing to give them a chance.”

There is probably not a single person out there, who doesn’t know the brand H&M. However, not everyone knows about their contribution to the environment and the society in general.
Recently H&M donated $500 000 to support the Black Lives Matter movement. They reached out to organizations like NAACP, ACLU and Color of Change and publicly stated that they share the same ideology and will continue to support the movement in the future.
H&M is also well-known with their good intentions towards our nature. The brand is constantly bettering the production of their clothes. They have promised to use 100% recycled materials by 2030, become 100% “climate positive” by using renewable energy and have 0% carbon footprint.

Savage x Fenty
The brand and Rihanna herself are one of the biggest supporters of the Black Lives Matter movement. They unceasingly share content on their social media channels, that brings awareness for anti-racism and urge their audience to join. Their donations include organizations like Black Lives Matter New York, the Bail Project and Clara Lionel Foundation.

This article intends to show that it is very important which fashion brand and company in general you support. By buying their products, you help them grow and give them voice. Don’t let that voice sink. We, as social individuals, are the ones, who can influence our society. Make a change, be a change.

Written by Anna-Maria Kancheva