How Gossip Girl is Rebooting Fashion

Gossip Girl’s new reboot came out summer of this year and immediately grabbed everyone by the neck with the fashion styles that were displayed in the show. It has enormously spread the ‘preppy’ and ‘academic’ look that has been circulating around big social media apps like Tiktok and Instagram. A lot of Tiktoks and Instagram reels have been made of young girls making content like “what I would wear in the new Gossip Girl reboot”.

Tiktok creator @wabbs_x

Aesthetic cores have been a subject that has been booming on Tiktok, namely the ‘academiacore’ or the ‘dark academia aesthetic’. The new Gossip Girl reboot does an excellent job of thriving off this new popular fashion aesthetic and making more people desire to look more preppy. This trend has been popular since last year and is still booming thanks to GG’s new reboot. This trend is obviously more popular with the younger generation specifically students as it inspires them to care more about how they dress to school.
Waking up just 30 minutes prior than usual to look your best is ‘always a good idea’.

Sweater vests, oversized cardigans and skater skirts are only a few of the preppy fashion pieces that are very much in style right now. Patterns such as argyle and cable knit have rose in popularity amoung the young girls and women too. Accesories such as plain headbands, knee high socks, chunky oxford shoes and heeled loafers have aso unforgettably been up for grabs too.
Since everyone is wanting the look, here’s how to get it with these few items online;

Written by Sonia Osuji