How sneaker raffles ruin the market.

The joy of being able to go to your local store and pick up a sneaker that means something has a history or a story behind it, maybe a collab or just something that nobody has seen before feels good. As time goes on, that experience is getting so much rarer, in fact, it is practically non-existent due to raffles. 

The number of hyped sneakers seem to be getting produced a lot less and the number of re-released sneakers that were never really tagged with a hyped label, are difficult to get a hold of. This is getting ridiculous as for example, a simple colour-way of a Nike SB dunk will be released and as Nike SB Dunks are back in due to some major collaborations with huge names such as Travis Scott and Virgil Abloh, the shoe itself is now tagged as a hyped model, therefore, the vast majority of releases no matter how simple the colours, are raffled off in small amounts. The resale value on sneakers like these are not a great amount much more than retail price, usually £30-£80 more therefore very unnecessary. 

On the other hand, seriously hyped shoes are also being raffled and if you’re a lucky winner, you could make some serious, satisfying profits and we’re talking anywhere between £200-£1000+ so we can all see why people do it, however, it does have an impact on people who don’t participate In the resale game.

Once in a while, there will be a sneaker that drops and it catches your eye, something that your eyes get drawn to, instantly. As soon as you have that feeling where you need them, you have to enter raffle after raffle and you’re willing to pay the retail price, and then, unsuccessful. To then go on and see that the sneaker you’re attached to is selling for over double your budget, bear in mind that this is a shoe that you really love and the owner just wants the money, this is where the frustration gets real. 

Peoples love for money is spoiling people’s love for the culture and what we don’t want is to enter countless raffles and be let down time and time again. We want local stores to stock the best sneakers. We want to experience that camping out to wait for it and the early mornings rushing to line up because at the end of the day, you’ve got what you really want and you’ve worked hard in a sense to get it. We just want the thrill and excitement of lacing up and feeling good.