How the footwear industry is going eco

converse renew orange trainer with slogan life's too short

We haven’t had a great start to 2020, with pandemics and crisis’ it can make us feel overwhelmed with where to start making changes. Luckily for us, some brands are starting to listen to our climate concerns, and sustainability within fashion is definitely picking up. How the footwear industry is going eco? Below I have compiled a few great footwear brands who create eco-friendly shoes. Trying to make the world a little better through recycling. Some you may have heard of, and some you should definitely get to know!


white sporty trainer by Adidas x Parley
Adidas X Parley

Adidas are making steps towards becoming a more sustainable brand. Boldly, the brand has confirmed they are committing to going completely eco -friendly. Incorporating at least some sustainable elements into each and every product they produce by 2024. 

Any plastic used in manufacturing- including polyester, is very difficult to fully recycle and is a huge factor of waste in landfill. The implications for Adidas and the rest of the fashion industry are pretty huge. 50% of the materials Adidas uses in the over 900 million items it sells are polyester.By 2024, virgin polyester will be replaced with eco- friendly alternatives- reducing the brands negative impact on the environment significantly. 

Additional to these projected plans, Adidas has already been creating and selling recycled plastic footwear since 2017. Of this collection, Adidas has already sold over 17 million pairs of shoes made from recycled materials. 

Adidas has also recently partnered with Parley Ocean Plastic to create a premium range of running shoes. The collaboration between Adidas X Parley uses materials up-cycled from materials found on beaches and from coastal communities. shop at :


orange high top renew converse with slogan' life's too short to waste'
Converse Renew

Another brand using recycled materials within their footwear is Converse. Launching ‘The Renew Collection’ the iconic brand have reworked their classic chuck tailor All- Stars. Unlike the originals, 100% plastic bottles are now used to produce the canvas. Giving the timeless trainer an eco-friendly re-boot. 

The process starts with plastic bottles sourced by US-based recycling company First Mile. The plastic is then ground up into flakes, melted, rolled into bales, spun into yarn, and weaved into canvas. The collection is fully customisable through the website too!

Shop at:

Nothing New

black sustainable trainers by brand nearly new
Nearly New

A brand you may not have heard of, yet who is making strides within the sustainable fashion industry is ‘Nothing New’. This 2019 start up aims to positively impact the planet, and also to educate the people on it. The brand not only incorporates eco-friendly factors  but sustainability is the core focus within every product. ‘Nothing new’, uses only 100% recycled materials. The upper canvas or faux leather is now created from recycled plastic. Similarly, the other components are created with recycled cotton, fishing nets, rubber and cork. 

If this wasn’t enough of a positive impact showing how the footwear industry is going eco. You can even make money back from the brand. Nothing New offers $20 back when buying a new pair of trainers if you send back a pair of their used trainers. You are basically being payed to do good for the planet! Dependent on their condition, the trainers will either be washed, cleaned and donated to those in need. Or alternatively, they are broken back down into raw materials and recycled again.  Shop at: