How to be like Sarah Ashcroft: behind the psyche of SLA the label.

SLA the label is the epitome of success. A fairly new concept brand by popular YouTuber Sarah Ashcroft who became known for her oversized and slouchy clothing hauls featuring the likes of ZARA, PLT and ASOS Marketplace. She then went on to curate her own eponymous brand back in 2019. It garnered immediate success: perhaps it was her YouTube channel that put her on the fashion map; when trend forecasters predicted exactly the aesthetic Sarah wears herself to be the next big thing, or she utilised fashion business acumen and timed the execution of her brand perfectly.

Women in business? we rate it.

By utilising clean lines and easy-to-click sections into her webpage layout of SLA the label (similar to the likes of Apple Inc. whose USP is minimalism), she has sustained that the focus is on her clothing range rather than excessive promotion of different sectors of her brand: such as tops, loungewear and matching co-ord sets in an over-zealous design layout. The simplicity of SLA the label lends itself to who Sarah Ashcroft is as a person.

By watching her YouTube videos, you get a sense of how well-versed and transparent in her approach to life she is. This allows her following in both the content creation world and the fashion world to believe in what she is selling as a spokesperson for her brand: SLA the label.

Perhaps the answer lies in Sarah Louise Ashcroft and how she turned herself into one of the successful female entrepreneurs in fashion business.

And her psyche works perfectly.

By Victoria Horton