How to have a more colourful outfit.

It is really easy on a dull day to just wear all black as it is such a serious colour. It is one of the most popular colours in everyone’s wardrobe. Depending on how you style your black clothing, going out wear that is black can make you look more attractive, intelligent and confident. Black isn’t always the culprit of no colour, grey and white is also a colour worn as people aren’t confident enough to wear the bright colours. These colours don’t draw attention to themselves. However these colours can be spiced up if styled right. For example if you wanted to wear all black going out, a colourful bag e.g. pink, green would make the outfit look cute and just give it more colour even if it’s not a lot, to show more confidence. Colourful shoes could also be added to plain outfits as its draw’s attention to your feet instead of your body/face. You can add accessories here and there. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, hats, scarves. They are all easy to pair with your outfits. Makeup can also be used to add more colour like colourful eyeliner or eyeshadow. Your face can be more confident than your body. Different coloured t-shirts are good for adding a pop of colour. This can be shown underneath jumpers and coats. Studies show that the colour red is the most attractive colour to both men and women. Red sends a message of confidence. It is the hottest and most emotional colour. This is why red dresses stand out on a night out. Red is also a really complementize colour for all shapes and sizes.  There are loads of ways to add small amounts or big amounts lots of colour to your outfits.

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