How to style Autumns biggest trend, the oversized jumper so you look cool, not sloppy.

An oversized kitted jumper is a must this winter, everyone needs to invest in a chunky, knitted statement piece. However its not as easy to style as it is as easy to get your hands on. As long as you remember these few style tips you can pull off any oversized jumper.

Buy oversized not big. Don’t try and cheat the system. Even though it’s not a fitted item, it’s also not supposed to drown you.As long as it fits on the shoulders, the arm and proportionally at the waist, it can absolutely work.But if it’s three sizes too big, it’s no longer oversized its simply too big!. You want the items to be oversized in the correct places. Otherwise, you’ll look like a school girl who’s not grown into her new school uniform yet, or worse, Donald Trump in a suit.”

Add balance. You need to balance out the look with a slimmer item elsewhere. for example, you might want to wear it over a slim fitted pair of jeans or a bold leather trouser.  and have just one item which offers the movement and oversized lines.

Standard crew neck jumpers aren’t the only option here either. An exaggeratedoversized roll neck can look and feel warm and inviting when winters around. Styled with an ankle boots and fluffy socks. Experiment with colour, have some fun this winter and brighten up your wardrobe. Black and grey is typical winter colour, however this autumn yellows, blues and oranges are really in.