How to style knitted jumpers into your daily routine.

Due to the winter months ahead, the temperature has dropped meaning more layers and thicker clothes will be added to everyone’s style. This can include knitted jumpers as they bring warmth. Knitted jumpers are can be made from wool and synthetic blends. Wool stays warm even when wet. Wool is preferred as its more elastic then other fibres. It has natural insolation. There are so many styles to knitted jumpers. Tight, oversized to plain and cable knit. Knitted jumpers are super comfortable and can be worn with whatever you want. They can be for lazy days or for the winter nights going out. Layers can be added underneath the jumper. Trending now, Breton Sweaters is an easy pick for when you want to have a casual look going out and can be styled with a cross bag and gilet for when it’s cold. Cropped cable knit jumpers are easily styled with blue jeans or black leggings. Neutral colours would work. This would also be a good combination for a casual look in your daily routine. The cropped knitted jumper or a knitted jumper tucked into the front part of a pair of jeans but specifically can be styled with black leather jeans and a pair of wedged boots for a going out look. Turtle necks are in trend for winter 2021, they have a lot of warmth to them being a thick jumper and also protects your neck for the breeze of the winter winds.  

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