How to thrift like a pro – Expert tips from a pro thrifter.

Vintage store

If authenticity is the missing part when you style your outfits, you can always try to give thrifting a chance, especially when it comes down to authentic clothing, shaking up your appearance, or curating your wardrobe. 

One of the perks when buying second-hand is going green and eco-friendly – “REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE”, as they say. You can as well find a designer treasure and overall pay way less money for some good quality clothing pieces. 

 If you are new to the thrifting market here are some useful tips that would help with making your experience smoother and successful. 


Most thrift stores can be overwhelming because they offer lots of clothes, where each piece of them is a different one, and you end up having lots of options to choose from. Make a list of your wants, so you don’t get lost in big piles of clothes and end up going home with empty hands or a bunch of unnecessary purchases. 


Explore your local charity/vintage shops and support these small businesses. You’re most likely to find designer pieces in shops, located in smaller cities with the elder population, where youngsters don’t go shopping as much. So, explore your surroundings too, and take a trip there.


 Don’t be shy to ask when the biggest restocks are happening! This is your chance to get a look at all the new goodies before everyone else does!

4.Try it on!

 You might experience difficulties in finding the right size for a piece of clothing , but don’t get too disappointed. There’s a big chance to look perfect in clothing that’s not your exact size, so always try it on! And if you love a piece that’s rather small or large remember that you can always get it tailored to fit you perfectly!

5.Be patient

And last, but not least – be patient! Thrifting isn’t easy like the regular shopping experience we’re all familiar with. You have to be patient with it and trust your luck.

– Elena Lazarova