How to win at Depop

An app which has risen in popularity extraordinarily in the past few years, allowing people of all types to buy and sell in one place. I spoke with experienced buyer and seller Olivia Tuffrey about the best ways to navigate Depop.

Oliva began using Depop about 5 years ago and after having it for a while she started to use it as a means of clearing out and decluttering her wardrobe. This a popular use of Depop for sellers as it allows easy money to be made. As Olivia got more into it she’d go around charity shops for good bargains and then sell them on Depop and gained a decent income from it.

A favourite type of product that Olivia has purchased is vintage designer items that are less expensive than brand new ones. On top of that she found ‘y2k’ fashion is popularly sold on the app and really suited her style. A staple she found that many people turn to the app for is vintage sports brand sweaters. Often these are just a classic vintage look that can appeal and work for anyone.

A vintage Nike sweatshirt

One amazing steal that Olivia got from Depop was a lime green mini shoulder bag which was only £15. Offers like this are absolute gems and can be found all over Depop when you look in the right places. Finding good deals can take patience, and a lot of the time it takes some scrolling. The opportunity to get such an amazing product for an even better price is worth every second of searching. Don’t be the one to miss out.

With there being such a wide selection of items Depop is for literally anyone and everyone. It also encourages sustainability with clothes as selling old clothes on to become someone else’s new clothes really benefits the environment. They also rework clothes by creating something new from an old item and selling it on.

A reworked vintage Helly Hanson polo

When asked what she would rate Depop, Olivia gave a solid 10/10. She added that it’s a great app with a community within it that is great to be a part of. However, there is warning to be careful as some people will attempt to scam you. Some users of the app ask for reduced price on already reduced items, over price on cheap items and don’t communicate well which can ruin the experience.

Though Depop does have some competitors, the name and reputation is really unbeatable. Being able to review stores/sellers on Depop really gives it positive notoriety for the products they sell.

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By Jasmin Fee