If you don’t know, get to know GOI

GOI Essentials


GOI is a Spanish clothing and sports brand set up on the grounds of no rules and no taboos and created with passion and daring fashion with feeling good in what you’re wearing. created by social media model turned businesswoman ‘Jessica Goicodchea’. Every GOI collection is produced ethically and locally, the brand is very aware and conscious of waste, avoiding over stock and do not want to contribute to the forever overflowing river of fast fashion. The brand is growing and has recently realised the beginning of GOI cosmetics. As of right now these cosmetics line only includes lip products such as lipsticks, glosses and tints that are also, of Course 100% vegan and cruelty free and created in Barcelona like the clothing garments. Jessica says the idea behind GOI becoming a brand was the idea that she knew there was a gap in the market for woman’s clothing brands made in Barcelona that provided items that where a bit more ‘sexy and risky’ she took advantage and a leap then GOI was created.

The GOI team can be described as people who believe in Goi being a project for the future, the team is at their fullest and continue to remain tight knit keeping the brand unproblematic both by name and behind the scenes.

A bit about Jessica Goicoechea.

Jessica had always been fascinated by the fashion world and only ever dreamed her future job would be a full-time model, but despite being considered too small more the industry she continued to make big marks. Dreams turned to a real life for her once she got signed to a modelling contract and began gaining a following on Instagram. She now has 1.7 million followers on Instagram., her own fashion and cosmetic company ‘Goicosmetics” he faces is all over brands such as Rimmel London, Calvin Klein and Victoria’s Secret. She’s also been in fashion and beauty magazines Glamor, Elle, and Vogue.

GOI isn’t just a influencers half-hearted brand, it’s a Fashion brand that’s turned into success, a brand that isn’t slowing down anytime soon. The brand is a product of what Jessica Goicochea loves and has passion for, with her business brain finding the gaps to create products for everybody, no exclusions.