Impractical fashion – All the times it went wrong.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll realise this spread of new found flu Covid-19 is growing faster and faster. Don’t worry tho – because big brand ‘Off-White’ are joining in, and have created a mask ready for all your health needs. So that your fashion sense can stay on trend, not just your health. In light of this key moment when fashion became *actually* practical, let’s look at all the past moments when it definitely wasn’t practical… In the slightest. (Ouch).

Jacquemus Mini Bag

Starting off the impracticality convo by name dropping the Jacquemus mini bag. For £400 I think we all want something that’s going to hold more than our penny – pity party of the grand total of 47p. Although it does absolutely look super cute, it is rather impractical. Good things do come in good packages, but not handy ones.

Cropped Jackets

Secondly, Cropped jackets. Don’t get me wrong here, I love a cropped moment. Thing is tho, what is a cropped jacket actually doing for you? Not serving it’s rightful purpose as a jacket – that’s the answer. Pretty I know, but it’s most definitely not keeping your back warm. If anything, it’s creating a draft. Get rid! Or even, sew another jacket on the bottom of it.

Heeled Trainers

Right, one many people will probably agree with; heeled trainers. Trainers are a concept for the fast and fit. A shoe made for practicality – turned impractical. Who puts a heel on a shoe made for running? Simply discombobulated. Thing is, they don’t even look that nice really. If you’re going out for dinner, stick to a heel. If you’re going on a walk, stick to the basic trainer. Simples!

Three Quater Length Leggings

Three quarter length leggings. What are they all about? Decide if you’re wearing shorts or leggings! A trouser only for the indecider.  Half cold, half warm. Silly design. All us queens out there pick full length, or even a cycling short. Let’s begin this end to silly fashion by stating the facts that, to put all this impracticality to bed; we must start somewhere. That somewhere is here. Guys and girls – drop the three quater lengths.

Although we all love a bit of individuality in this crazy world, there are some garments that are just full out impractical. Let’s keep it moving, keep it practical.

By Yas Feasey