Interview with Fashion Model Sophie Nicole

Sophie Nicole, a young women, who’s modelling career has taken young girls alike by storm. Raised in Broadstone, Sophie started modelling at the age of 13. Her face has appeared in countless fashion magazines and catwalks, working for brands such as New Look and Monsoon and later modelling for well know brands such as Loungewear and Ann Summers. She shares her ups, her downs, her dreams and more. Strong and beautiful, I present Sophie Nicole.

How did you get into modelling? 

The reason I got into modelling was because of my mum. When she was around 17/18 she was approached by a top photographer who wanted her to become a model. Unfortunately she never got the chance as she was a young carer for her father at the time. When I was 13 I decided I wanted to model so my mum helped me apply to a few of the top agencies in London and within a few weeks I was approached by one and signed. I then became a child model for many retail brands between the ages of 13-16 years old. Regular brands I worked for were New Look, Next, Monsoon and Animal. 

Do you like to call yourself an influencer?

I wouldn’t like to categorise myself as a social media influencer, as I believe too many people today are calling themselves that as it’s a ‘recent trend’ on Instagram. Although I’ve had many brand deals since my Instagram took off when I was 17 and people may refer to my social media presence as a influencer/promotor due to the paid partnerships I’ve had (i.e., paid story videos talking about a brands product, paid feed posts with a product on show and captioned. Paid for bio links of a brands website). I use Instagram more as a platform for my career as a fashion model as a lot of my contacts and work have come from Instagram.

What was your first brand partnership? How was your experience?

Other than working for a lot of top retail brands when I was a child. As a young adult my first brand partnership was with Lounge Underwear. Since then, I developed a great relationship with them and worked with them many times since.

Have you had to experience any hate online? If so how did you overcome this? 

Yes, I have experienced hate online – when I first got into lingerie modelling I was called out for my stretch marks. This made me get into smoothing my skin out to cover it but I then experienced further hate through using photo editing apps to do this. I’ve also experienced a few fake accounts in the past which I’ve had to get in contact with Instagram to take down. The best way to respond I learnt is to ignore negative comments or messages because people only hate because they are jealous of a persons looks, figure, career etc and its just best to ignore it and live your life, succeed and own it and not react as that’s what online haters get a thrill out of.

What are some of your biggest achievements in your career so far?

When I was 16 I was casted and got a modelling job for a Spanish hair brand in Barcelona for a week where I learnt 10k (however my agency at the time took a percentage and this left me with 7k).  Another one of my achievements was when I was 17. I got invited to a Love Island event in London and was pictured on a red carpet by paps! I also got to walk in a catwalk for Spray Ground in Leicester Square, London which was insane! When I was 19, I was scouted and casted for Love Island 2020 and got into the final interviews but in the end had to turn it down as I got into a relationship that I thought would last! Since 2021 my current partner and I have done many bridal shoots and workshops, travelling up and down the country, with jobs ranging from £1/2k for a days work. I am also proud to say I have been featured on the cover and inside of two well known hours equine magazines and have worked with various top lingerie brands such as Loungewear and Ann Summers. 

What tips would you give someone wanting to launch themselves into the modelling industry?

If you are serious about modelling, do your research online, search up the top modelling ‘agencies’ near you (most of the top ones are in London/Manchester) and apply that way. Find the right one for you and a lot of work should come your way if you are successful. If you don’t do your research you could risk being in contact with ‘modelling platforms’ who only want your money and will give you no work.

Instagram sells the wrong story of the lifestyle everyone wants – too many young girls are being taken advantage of for content for brands. Due to too many girls wanting to be models/influencers on Instagram, a lot of brands benefit from naive girls coming forward for unpaid work just to be seen and brands profit from this.

What is one of your biggest goals you wish to achieve? 

My top 3 would be to appear on a billboard, appear in a famous artists music video and maybe even model for Vogue one day!


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