Key things you should know about Tala, the must have sustainable athleisure brand

Tala the brand

Tala is here to disrupt your wardrobe with their slow fashion approach to sustainable style. TALA is the brand you always knew you wanted but could never quite find – affordable, sustainable styles without the need to compromise on high-performance pieces and flattering fits.

1.All of their tags are plantable! Isn’t that awesome?

Each tag is filled with seasonal seeds and is bound with hemp twine making it fully biodegradable. Just put the tag in soil, add water, give it some love and watch it grow!

2. Tala markets and sells to all queens of different sizes and shapes.

They don’t shy away from using models that don’t fit the conventional model image in the industry, which is something that we want and need to see on the internet more of.

3. Launch of the Sustainable Sweat Set

Tala partnered with Wild, the sustainable natural deodorant brand, and designed the new SkinLuxetm ‘Sweat Set’ for those days when you want to get that gym effect without putting too much work in. The scent is going back to basics with pungent, earthy and musty sweat scent that combines the smell of forest undergrowth with a stale gym kit.

4. Tala is founded and run by a young female.

Grace Beverley was named first in Forbes 30 under 30’s retail and e-commerce list, aged twenty-three. Hers inspiring narrative led to her ranking as the 26th most influential online creator by The Sunday Times and she featured in Glamour alongside Emma Watson and Rihanna. The fashion industry is male dominated so we always think it’s important to support female-led businesses.

5. Tala cares about the microfibers!

All synthetic fibers release tiny threads called microfibers every time they are washed so when you use a Fiber Filter Bag each time during washing it’ll trap these microfibers and keep them away from water ecosystems. This is a small step that takes nearly zero effort, and it helps our planet so much. Great job Tala!

written by Klára Volfová, imagery from instagram