Kim Kardashian x Fendi Collaboration

By Emma Foakes

Kim Kardashian, owner of the brand Skims, has announced her latest collaboration with Fendi. Skims is known for it’s unbelievable underwear, shapewear, and loungewear in a range of different sizes. The collections have over 26,000 5 star reviews since the brands launch in 2018.

Kim Kardashian sporting her new collection

The collaboration between the two is supposed to launch November 9th, just a few days away. The key element of this new drop is the Skims x Fendi monogram print which covers majority of the underwear, sportswear, and loungewear. There will also be a leather dress in neutral tones. The clothing sticks to the rest of Skims’ pieces with its minimalism and muted colours, however it does include some more garments with bolder colours. It also appears that some garments have different textures, which is a change for the Skims line.

A dress from the collab

The collaboration was Fendi’s idea, as a member of the company stated they were sat in a meeting when suddenly everyone went on their phones to checks the new Skims release. It was at that moment they decided to join forces.

Group photo of the new pieces

As with a lot of the Skims’ collection drops, they sell out very fast. Get yourself on the waitlist straight away to get notified and keep an eye on your emails!