Liena – The Brand New Best

Ladies and gentlemen, here is what we’ve all been waiting for – a new brand that actually makes a difference! Big round of applause for the fantastic brand Liena, who are changing the way we see immediate and important fashion. The brand is heavily involved on social media, keeping it’s Insta up to date (which we of course, love). As well as making sure everything is easily accessible, like making all of their pics ‘tap to shop’ on Instagram. Which is super handy, eh?

The brand is nowhere near expensive, and you can definitely find the same thing for triple the price elsewhere – but nobody wants to do that, do they? The clothes ooze style and sophistication. Adding a sense of fashionable elegance to your wardrobe for a pretty penny.

Liena is very artistic and creative, which is reflective in not only their piece’s, but also across their social media platform. They post little doodle-like fashion quotes, which ties in both art and fashion (what’s not to like!). Showing us exactly what we love, (and love even more) about the brand. Liena is so unique and creative, which is the best thing ever, and we love it… a lot.

The store has everything from a cute blazer, to a statement maxi dress. Making it super easy to find something there for everyone. Liena also recognised too, that they are very timeless and elegant. “For who you are both today, and tomorrow”, they say with their fashionista minds of wisdom. Which definitely gives a very mindful, and free spirited outlook to the pieces themselves.

The clothes on there are super cute and stylish, featuring many different colours, patterns and vibes. They also have a lot of different shaped pieces, mostly flowy and statement-like. Making their items easy to wear and bold.

 So, if you’re sitting there in your dressing gown, don’t just think about what hoodie it’ll be tomorrow. Think about what your first outfit is going to be when you rock that street like it’s a runway, and get it from Liena.

By Yas Feasey