Lifestyle, fashion, and fitness: An interview with Lottie Hutton

Lottie Hutton is a UK based model and fashion and lifestyle influencer who grew her following during lockdown through simply sharing her daily life, as well as fashion and fitness pics. Now, with a following of 12.4k, Lottie documents her travels, outfits, fitness, photos of her and her model boyfriend regularly. Her Instagram is something she hopes to continue to grow and aid her career within social media and the modelling industry. We spoke to Lottie to find out all about influencing and what it means for her and her career.

How did you get into influencing?

“I got into influencing in lockdown as I was posting loads of fashion and fitness photos, I just started gaining more followers and just really enjoyed it, I had loads of spare time in lockdown so I decided to just try to grow my Instagram.”

Is influencing your main career, or how does it contribute to you career?

“Influencing isn’t my main career, but it definitely contributes. I want to work in content creation or within social media, but if my own Instagram could be a career on its own, I would love that.”

What do you enjoy most about influencing?

“I love the freedom and creativity. Your content is just what you want to post and what you like and enjoy. You get to meet and network with loads of really cool people and get opportunities that you would’ve never got without influencing.”

What type of content do you like to create?

“I love to create fashion and fitness content as well as just documenting my daily life. I think people like seeing what you get up to day to day rather than just organised fashion posts as it’s more personal and people are able to get to know you.”

What is your favourite social media platform?

“My favourite platform is Instagram as it was the original platform that got me into influencing. But TikTok is not far off as it’s so good for getting inspiration and recommendations for things. Without TikTok I wouldn’t have the Instagram following I have either as they go hand in hand.”

What types of brands do you like to work with?

“I love working with fashion brands. I’m fortunate to be gifted and paid by companies I love and have shopped at for ages. I work closely with Oh Polly and Missguided who are always so keen to work together for content.”

Do you have any major goals within influencing?

“I would love to be able to do influencing more full-time. I’ve had some amazing opportunities despite the fact I haven’t actually got many followers compared to big influencers. My boyfriend and I had a social job to go to Bulgaria for a ski trip with Jack Wills! I feel so blessed to have these opportunities and think it’s amazing that it can only go up from here. I’m also a model and growing your socials is really important to also get work in modelling. I’d love to model and influence full time, the dream is to be noticed on socials and scouted for a LFW walk that’s inclusive, like the PLT show earlier this year. I’m a petite model so it’s harder to get work but having a strong Instagram and influencer role helps so so much!”

Instagram: @Lottiehutton_ TikTok: @LotteHutton

Written by Abby Townsend