Lights, Camera, Action!

Fashion studios plays a big part in our lives today. If it wasn’t for photography studios, then fashion designers wouldn’t be able to make their creations known all over the world. It allowed people to have a direct look at their work and be able to correct any faults that they made. Even though it may look all fun and glamour, fashion photography is serious hard work and requires preparation, creative planning, researching, and being able to work with different personalities.

Fashionshoot studios comes with a variety of props, lighting equipments and coloured paper backgrounds. Using these equipments allows you to have the advantage of creating glamorous colour stories using the coloured paper backgrounds and some really good lighting patterns with the lighting equipments. Lighting plays a crucial role in photography as it impacts on how we emotionally understand what’s going on in the photo and describes the amount of contrast in an image. There are certain things you can achieve by using different types of lighting such as flash, not shooting with the flash, using window light and making use of different temperatures of daylight. Using a tripod eliminates your camera from shaking when including motion to your photographs.

Models contribute to a shoot turning out successful and how they do this is by working as a team with everyone involved. The key part of taking photos of people is to create a good working relationship with them and to make them feel as comfortable as possible. The way you deal or interact with people is very important in any photoshoot. The lighting and pictures could come out perfect but if the emotion isn’t there, then the results of the pictures will show that. It’s good to put yourself in other peoples shoes, how would you like to be treated if you was in their position?

So, if you ever have a photoshoot to do, always remember to go in there positive minded, relaxed, be ready to have fun, and allow a natural connection to form between you and your team. Remember, a tense environment can make things very awkward especially when working with strangers for the first time!  

Written by Hema Dixons