Mad For Plaid

Plaid and tartan have been a trend for a long time now however, the scale for this long ongoing fabric is only getting higher. Everything is plaid now, from blazers to skirts to corsets to bags. Plaid is THE moment right now and here’s why:

From late 2019 to 2020, plaid was a huge and popular print on mini pleated skirts, bodycon dresses and oversized tartan shirts. We didn’t really see it paired much together as a combo at all. It was perfect for students who wanted to ‘up’ their school game with a cute girly flare. Plaid being the print on one piece of clothing made the statement itself in an outfit during this previous period. Fast forward to now, and we are seeing matching plaid sets everywhere, from the runway to the high street. 

We are seeing plaid prints on everything; blazers, skirts, corsets, bags and even shoes. This can be credited to the amazing Vivienne Westwood with her many plaid pieces. The designer is bringing back noughties punk styles and we are definitely here for it. Many celebrities have been spotted wearing Vivienne Westwood’s plaid pieces for instance, the 7 Grammy nominated Olivia Rodrigo, Russian model Irina Shayk and Kpop stars in their recent comebacks like Nayeon from Twice and ITZY’s Lia. Not only are these women boosting Vivienne Westwood, but also plaid everything; having matching plaid sets and the purple, yellow plaid combo.

Here are some of the many plaid Vivienne Westwood pieces to pick inspiration from this winter of 2021/22 –

Vivienne Westwood Portrait Corset Tartan £820

Vivienne Westwood Multicolor Classic Blazer £613

Vivienne Westwood Summer Kilt mini skirt – Multicolour £288.00

Vivienne Westwood Tart Shoe Wool Tartan £495

Vivienne Westwood Derby Medium Yasmin Bag £475

How will you wear your plaid this season?

Written by Sonia Osuji