Making Sustainability An Easier Option

By Emma Foakes

Sustainability is an important part of fashion as it is on of the worst industries for the environment. To help combat this, brands have come up with the solution of scanning a QR code when buying clothes to see their impact on the environment. The aim is to help advise and educate consumers on the garments they are buying. Brands which are turning to this approach include Mulberry, Giorgio Armani, Burberry, and Stella McCartney.

The QR code works by scanning it with a smartphone. Buyers will then be able to see when and how it was made, and whether it was made sustainably. It will also list how to care for the garment to keep it in good quality to help reduce fast fashion.

The idea was created by brands in the Sustainable Markets Initiative, and is set to come to stores in next year’s autumn/winter collections.