Mesh Madness

the Mugler bodysuit you’ve probably seen everywhere.

fashion is said to repeat itself every 20 years so it’s no surprise to see some of our favourite 90s designers making headlines in the mainstream media again. As the popularity of y2k fashion has soared due to social media platforms such as tik tok, people have been looking at designer’s past for inspo when creating a statement look. 

Labels jumping on this surge in interest are recreating or upgrading old designs to appeal to a modern audience, while keeping their throwback feel. Theirry Mugler a renounced designer of the late 1980s/ early 90s has done this well with their new creative director Casey Cadwallade who has allowed Mugler to expand into a staple for celebs wardrobe today by elevating the label to fit a more contemporary and diverse audience while maintaining authenticity and reference both his and Mugler’s architectural backgrounds.

The 2020 Mugler bodysuit is simple and elegant, merging mesh with nylon panelling, integrating the body’s bold minimalist design with its figure-hugging structure. A homage to garments from past collections such as the 1998/99 Fall/Winter haute couture collection and still in line with the past when it comes to fabric and composition this bodysuit collection falls under that sexy and empowering feel Mugler embodies with the assembly of his garments Making it the perfect outfit for a strong independent woman in 2021.

Tracking the rise of this popular bodysuit as it pops up on celebs everywhere, starting with Miss Miley who debuted her Mugler body at the IHeart radio festival – she paired the sleek number with some bold statement jewellery and a bleach blonde chop to transform her look. 

Then not even a month later the bodysuit reappeared on the cover of vogue being worn by Beyonce – Cadwallade stating ‘ Beyoncé is our queen and this look is fit for a queen,”  the bodysuit worn in the photos is  made up of 64 separate panels and took about 100 hours to stitch together. 

Beyoncé for British vogue 2020

OG fans of Muglers work like Dua Lipa who has been seen wearing an earlier version of the Mugler bodysuit to perform at the 2019 MTV EMAs, and she’s since worn them in photoshoots. But her stand out Mugler moment so far came during her Studio 2054 special when she wore a custom crystal embellished version.

Dua Lipa at her studio 2054 virtual concert in Mugler

The List of starts seen in this iconic Mugler moment doesn’t end here, the body was worn by Doja Cat in her music video ‘streets’ 

and also features at the digital Grammys worn by Kalli Uchis . 

@kaliuchis on twitter – wearing a Mugler body for the Grammys

The breakthrough of this simple body has been making headlines as this reinvention of Mugler  is emerging making us very excited for where it might appear next .