Mulberry just banned exotic skins and we’ve got everything you need to know #CarbonCares

Plus 3 other designer and high street brands working towards more animal-friendly fashion

Mulberry, which already has a fur-free policy, recently announced that it’s stopped using exotic skins in its collections and we think it’s great news! It highlights how the fashion industry is gradually starting to move towards a more eco/animal-friendly approach to fashion.

After years of urging by animal rights charity PETA, and warnings that the trade of exotic skins could risk increasing the spread of diseases like coronavirus, Mulberry has confirmed its new ban on the use of exotic skins in all of its future collections. 

The SS20 season marks the start of this new policy, which will remove the use of skins of alligators, crocodiles, ostriches, lizards or snakes in designs.

Check out the Mulberry Instagram here.

Other brands doing their bit for animal-friendly fashion

New Look

New Look has designed a range of shoes and bags that are totally vegan and they’ve even collaborated with The Vegan Society so that we can shop with true peace of mind!

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Victoria Beckham

Victoria Beckham’s collections were already gloriously fur-free but in 2019 the designer decided to ban the use of exotic skins too. A Victoria Beckham brand spokesperson told WWD: “We are happy to confirm that we will cease using exotic skins in all future collections as of our main autumn/winter 2019 ready-to-wear presentation.”


Chanel banned the use of exotic skins and fur in 2018 and vowed to work on developing new sustainable materials that have a low environmental impact. With such high status, Chanel’s stance on exotic skins and fur represents a huge positive shift in the fashion industry as a whole.

With these influential movements already occurring, we’re excited to see what’s next as the industry heads towards a more positive approach to animal welfare.

Written by Sophie Corderoy