Influencer Sydney May Crouch has been living the dream since going solo in July (keep it coming Syd!) It is always amazing to see our favourite influencers achieving their dreams they have worked so hard for, especially when it adds some more items in our wardrobes. Yes, that’s right, Sydney has just launched her very own clothing brand!


First things first, the name of the brand. Since starting YouTube in 2017, Sydney has been an open book when it comes to her grief over the loss of her beloved mum and grandad and how that has shaped her. 48, 49 is her nan and grandads date of birth (which is tattooed on her wrist.) Being raised by her nan and grandad, these numbers have always been important to her and fits the timeless, unisex brand she was creating.


Secondly, the first collection. Syd has always been the queen of tracksuits and loungewear, so its no surprise she is giving her fans what they want. Named ‘The blank canvas’ collection, she has started out small with three pieces: all white t-shirt, hoodie and joggers. Starting small gave her the opportunity to pinpoint the vision for this brand and to get a couple of pieces perfect. Studying fashion at university, Sydney really wanted to showcase her passion for quality and comfort through her knowledge of her degree.

The colour. Simply, Syd is loving white at the moment. It is clean, crisp and a can’t go wrong colour. Minimally representing the risks Syd has taken this year.

The reason behind being unisex for the first collection, the relatable queen knows how much we share our clothes, whether that’s with our partners, or family members, it just made sense to her that all her loved ones could wear it. Don’t you worry, there are all inclusive sizes too!

Being so interactive with her fans, Sydney made a tote bag just for sentimental use, but now wants to hear whether you want this to be released as part of the brand.

Sydney May Crouch has a love for fashion and her fans, this brand is for you.

By Sofia Wells