Olivier Rousteing Speaks Out

Olivier Rousteing bravely spoke out on Instagram a few days ago about an incident that happened over a year ago, which left him severely burnt and in hospital. He kept this a secret for a year as he stated how he felt “ashamed” due to what he thought may be an “obsession with perfection” and his own insecurities. 

This stage of his life led to him working extremely hard on his upcoming collections as he threw himself into his work. Luckily, a year later, he is now “healed, happy and healthy.” However, his story has sparked a conversation about perfectionism in the fashion industry, and it shows how even those at the very top feel its effects too.

It’s easy to compare ourselves when we are constantly looking at pictures of seemingly “perfect” influencers and celebrities, and it can make us want to hide our true selves, much like Olivier did for some time. It takes great bravery to speak out and showcase your vulnerable side, and all of us at Carbon salute him for that. 

We’ll leave you with some words to think about, from Olivier himself;

“Never give up. There is always the sun after the storm.”

Amy Dulwich