Ones to watch: Fashion grads

  1. Eleanor Champman
  • MA Fashion (Womenswear) CSM

“‘The body decides’ interrogates how an individual and their body applies meaning to an object or shape and vice versa.” Eleanor Chapman, former graduate of the Kingston school of art, focuses on deconstruction and interchangeability within her work. Keeping a focus on sustainability, a lot of her ensembles are made up of sets of small adaptable pieces made entirely from deadstock fabrics and leathers, which can be arranged and layered in endless ways. If you’re a lover of subversive basics, keep your eyes peeled for future collections.

2. Simone Lawler

  • MA Biodesign CSM

Simone Lawler, also a designer focusing on slow fashion, takes a different perspective on sustainability by exploring how food waste, fungi and old materials can be transformed into wearable garments or accessories. Inspired by the conversation that occurred between Joe Rogan and mycologist, Paul Stamets, Lawler has since been inspired by biomaterials such as mushrooms and incorporates organic materials into her work as much as possible.

3. Dorothy Williams

  • BA Fashion with Business studies, Brighton University

Blurring the lines between fashion and art, Williams expresses themself through the creation of experimental pieces unburdened by either category. Williams achieves this through mixed media materials such as the artists’ stretcher, canvas and linen materials with creative pattern cutting and tailoring to producing wearable canvas frames which can equally be hung from the wall like a traditional artwork. For anyone interested in couture, or even if you’re more of an art lover, Dorothy Williams is one to watch out for.

4. Rasha Khoyi

  • BA Textiles, Loughborough University

Also specialising in custom, handpainted apparel, Rasha Khoyi brings her art to life through textiles. Each piece is handcrafted with great care and intricacy, the oil spill trousers (pictured above) with 12 panels (and a lot of hand embroidery and beading) took 200 hours of work alone. Khoyi’s graduate DRIP collection sets the bar high, we can expect to see great pieces come from RKA atelier in the future.

5. Anna Büser

  • BA Fashion design, HTW Berlin

Currently studying Fashion Design in Berlin, Anna Büser uses 3D printing to create innovative accessories and garments. “Inspired by phenomenology, which was an essential part of German philosophy in the first half of the 20th century, this project deals with the concept and the pursuit of awareness and perception through clothing.” (statement from her website Face jewellery in this style is seemingly a new concept to enter the fashion industry, and one that is exciting at that.

Rosa Macvicar