Outfit tips to get groovy to

I know it’s a touchy subject at the moment, all of our favourite summer activities and events being cancelled – it’s okay, i’m crying too. On the brighter side, at least we all know they will come back around again, and we can all get back to partying in no time. So, I’m here for when you do! I’m going to drop a couple of tips to help make sure that when all goes back to normal, you are looking just as ready as you feel.


Number one tip, be confident! Don’t let the outfit wear you, wear the outfit! Use this time to work on yourself and love yourself. You don’t need to change at all. Just make sure that when you get back out there, that you’re wearing an outfit you actually feel good in. Don’t be afraid to order a bunch and send a bunch back – that’s okay! If anything, what a good idea. Don’t ever feel like you’re being too picky, you’re not. Just make sure it’s your colour, your style, and you’ll look the best in the room.

Cycling Shorts

Secondally, my personal fave is cycling shorts. These you can style literally any way you like, they’re super comfy and literally the perfect length. These really are ideal! If you’re not too confident (even though you should be!) you can always wear a longline t-shirt or shirt. Don’t feel the pressure to crop, you don’t need to to look super cute.

Colour Choice

Thirdly, find your colour and literally rock it! Usually, if you’re fair skinned, stick to brights. Royal blue or bright red, these are colours that can work really well for you. If you’re warm or dark skinned, maybe go towards a pastel yellow or mint green. These colours work applying to your hair colour too. If I were you, I would literally order a bunch, and try it all on. Get a feel for the whole thing! If it’s not your vibe, you can just send it back, no harm eh?

I hope these tips have helped you out, the main point to take from this is to make sure you are confident in what you’re wearing. That’s super important. If you’re not confident, the outfit will always sit differently. Work it, babe!

By Yas Feasey