Maddi Reynolds

Chanel- capri

In Capri, a seasonal Chanel shop has been created where you can purchase a selection of timeless garments with the addition of the coco beach 2021 collection which fits perfectly with the scenery of capri as well as the new Chanel perfumes, inspired by three of Gabrielle Chanels favourite places; Deauville, Biarritz and Venice.

Dior- Mykonos

For the first time , the mens ready to wear collection will be placed beside the woman’s ready to wear and a service for personalisation for the tote bag is being offered a this pop up store which are designed by the artistic director.

Prada- Outdoor

Throughout the summer, Prada new travelling installations transport visitors to different landscapes. it allows consumers to take a ‘trip’ to the Prada gardens, seaside and mountains to discover original products to each environment.

They are in New York, LA, Miami and Dallas.

Valentino- Southampton

The brand describes the collection as a journey ‘through the faraway lands to embrace nature’s beauty’. it brings the brands heritage to life.