Be strong, be fierce, be you!!

Bershka joins forces with The Powerpuff Girls in a cute-but-fierce collection that goes large on tie-dye and togetherness.The collection features the iconic superhero trio, Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup. They are embodied by the actresses of “Skam España”: Irene Ferreiro, Alba Planas and Celia Monedero.

This new print run of designs arrives stronger and brighter than ever. The tie dye print, which reminds us of the most hippie styles, takes over the collection using the series’ ; representative tones (pink, green and blue) in an explosive way.

The sweatshirt, which is one of the star pieces of the collection, is a clear example of this waste of colour and energy.

The same kind of psychedelic print is used on the T-shirts, which makes you think a little bit about the effect you want to achieve when you put a T-shirt in bleach trying to create that color gradient effect at home, but it always goes wrong.There is a T-shirt dedicated to each one of the Powerpuff girls, each one in its identifying colour: Blossom the pink, Bubble the blue and Buttercup the green.

Another jewel in this collection is the blue jogger cut jeans that have a cuff at ankle height. In the front we can see the powerpuff girls distributed on both legs.

These original jeans are perfect to create a casual look if we combine it with sneakers but if we want to be more risky or give it a touch of tendency we can add some stilettos and we have a totally different look.

Bershka wanted to add to this collection several accessories in the same line as the rest of the designs. He has created a basic white shoe with the side print of the powerpuff girls.

To finish the brand has wanted to take out a toilet bag and a mobile phone case that are more discreet elements. In true style of The Powerpuff Girls, the pieces are bursting with super bright and fun tie-dye colours.

Sofia Calatayud.