Rent the Runway

Ever pictured yourself rocking Madonna’s renowned cone bra? Well now is your chance! Jean Paul Gaultier has just launched a runway rental service, allowing members of the public to slip into some of their most iconic pieces.

The launch by the french fashion house will unveil 30,000 vintage pieces, 30 of which will be available to rent for the general public, in hopes to bring a new era of fashion lovers across the globe to sample a taste of luxury. Along with the 30 archive pieces from Gaultier, the brand will also be showcasing a marketplace on their website comprising of 50 hand selected pieces from private clients and sellers. The rental collections will range from around $150 for a scarf, to $700 for an evening gown.

With fast fashion being one of the most detrimental problems within the fashion industry right now, the rental service is aiming to promote slower fashion amongst the public and encourage people to invest in long term luxury items rather than grab and go garments. With vintage reselling and charity shopping on the rise, in an effort to combat fashion impact on the climate crisis, Jean Paul Gaultier are definitely on the right tracks with this new direction of theirs.

So, are you all about fast and furious, or are you ready to get in the slow lane?

By Hollie Wakefield